The Signs of Hope Aljoscha

Eröffnung am Donnerstag, 06. April 2023, 19 Uhr

Ausstellungsdauer: 07. April bis 28. April 2023


Bioisms seek and find new homes in special schools and asylums of Ukraine

Brought through minefields, interrogations and the hundreds of check-points they give a light of hope to the teachers and pupils, to those who are sick and tired, who wait for the end of homeschooling and air alarms, who wait for the end of bombings, senseless violence and cruelty, who wait for the end of disgraceful war

14 Ukrainian child care as well as neurological and nursing institutions welcomed fragile translucent biofuturistic forms as a signs of future надiя (hope), peace, kindness and liberation from suffering.


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